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  • Thank an Engineer: The Chilean Miner Rescue

    It’s not luck; it’s better.

  • Mathematics: ultimate super power

    Someone recently asked the question about what superpower their friends would like to have, could they have just one. It seems like the majority of responses were about wanting to read the thoughts of others. I wanted teleportation, I think. I’ve thought about it a bit since, and I think reading the thoughts of others…

  • Marketing the Olympic Meterorologist?

    Jeff Renner is one of the local meteorologists here in Seattle. For the Olympics, KING 5 has been running a promo featuring his appearance at the starting gate of an Olympic downhill event. The skiier, at the last moment, asks him for advice and he immediately explains, without consulting any equipment or charts, that the…

  • Yahoo! thinks Olympic Math is “complex”

    Yahoo! reported that Aya Yasuda was disqualified from her Olympic luge event because her sled was over weight. The story said that there was a “complex formula” to use to calculate the amount of ballast lugers can add to make up the difference between their own body weight and a maximum, which is different for…

  • The Amazing Math Challenge

    Students are falling behind in math skills

  • PC World confused about Bitness

    Weakly-support assertions and terribly reasoned arguments

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