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  • debugging MSVC++ CRTL memory leaks

    It seems like none of the docs on this subject are quite complete. One of the most missed issues is that there can be multiple heaps in a single process. DLLs that use the CRTL, for example, can get a module-local heap. Each heap will get a separate run of the dump activity, so the…

  • Asking about Questions

    Over at The Ladders, career coach Lee E. Miller advises about a question lots of interviewees get: Tell me about yourself. Mr Miller is right about one thing: this question shouldn’t take an interviewee by surprise. An interviewee should be poised and confident, and shouldn’t hesitate to describe themselves or their experiences. After all, providing…

  • Where can I get good news?

    Frustrated by trying to find a viable news outlet

  • Test Post #4

    What else could be wrong?

  • Understanding RSA Chiphers

    I found a great article on understanding RSA public key ciphers. There’s just enough background information and good description of the mechanics.